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Ready to explore the final frontier?

There are 10,000 planets to explore!
Take on the universe and find your new planet on OpenSea!
Planets will go on sale on July 28th at 6pm!

Upon sellout, a total of $100,000 will be donated to The Natural Resources Defense Council and Ocean Conservancy.

Check out our plans and how the universe is expanding on our ExapnsionPage!

Within the universe there are only 5 Black Holes and 10 Suns. These celestial bodies cannot be purchased and exist as planets #9986-#10000.

These special planets will be rewarded as part of a giveaway to planet owners. Each will be given away in a random selection of a holder of a planet for each 500 planets sold. This means that the more planets you own, the better your chances are at winning.

1 ETH will also be given away - to a different holder than the winner of a Black Hole/Sun - for each 500 planets sold.

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