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We have multiple giveaways planned for our explorers, buy a planet and earn your chance to win various prizes! Giveaways include:

Explorer Apparel:

Available for purchase only when you own a planet, buy a sweatshirt displaying YOUR planet!

We are working with clothing companies to make it possible to create and ship 10,000 unique sweatshirts and finalizing the designs.

Planetary Exploration Game:

Your planet is your ticket to play and will help determine your battle style! With a maximum of 10,000 players at once, the competition will be fierce!

Build your base on your planet to train your troops and defend against attackers. Seek out enemy planets, unleash your troopers, and drain them of their resources!

Players will be using troops with elemental buffs and debuffs based on the properties of planets you own and the kind of planet you're going up against (Buffs do not stack).

Owning a Black Hole or Sun will unlock the respective mythical troops (You may sell the NFT and keep the troop e.g. purchasing a Black Hole or Sun unlocks mythical troops permanently).

Buying a planet within the first 24 hours will give you early access to the Planetary Exploration Game once available.